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So I made this thing...

If you read -and I don't think so, since it's written in Spanish- my latest post about Groovy you'll probably know that I really like this language and have started using it for Android development.

One of the main disadvantages of Groovy is that annotation-based code generation doesn't work with Java libraries. Because of this, libraries as AndroidAnnotations or ButterKnife don't work while others like Otto, which only use annotations to identify some methods, do.

As ButterKnife is a must have to keep activities and fragments' code clean, I started working on a parallel solution: SwissKnife, which has the same features and also some of AndroidAnnotations, as running code on the main thread or on a background one using annotations. Also, I made a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA which lets you auto-generate compatible methods for the annotations on a safe way.


SwissKnife Github Repo

With that solved, developing Android apps on Groovy should be as good as doing it on Java, eight?

Well, it doesn't:

Although IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio have a Groovy support plugin, it hasn't been modified since 2008. It doesn't have auto-completion of implementation and overriding of a parent class' methods. I got to work again.

So I made this.

With this plugin, you can have auto-completion of methods just as you have on Java.

Using this, I do think that Android apps development on Groovy should be a lot closer to Java in terms of complexity.

Hope you find it useful!